Gyoza Festival: 80,000 customers over five days!!


The Gyoza Festival Organizing Committee (Nakano-ku Tourism Association and AATJ) held the Gyoza Festival (http://gyo-zafes.jp) in Shikinomori Park in the Nakano district of Tokyo, over five days from Wednesday October 12th to Sunday October 16th, 2016. The five-day event attracted a total of 80,000 customers.
The first three days of the festival were weekdays. There were characteristic customer trends on those days, with students from the nearby universities and families attending in the daytime, and office workers stopping for refreshment on their way home from work in the evening. The final two days of the festival were on a weekend, when customer numbers reached peak levels. More than 25,000 people attended over the course of those two days. We were lucky enough to have good weather on all of the festival days. Visitors packed out the venue, seeking a green space in which to relax and drooling over the huge variety of gyoza!!
Every stall, from gyoza veterans to new kids on the block, was inundated with endless lines of people, all day long. Shinjuku BLG Gyoza served bite-sized, crispy, deep-fried gyoza that pair perfectly with beer. Teppan Gyoza Sakaba Chibisuke Bar created a fusion of gyoza and Italian cuisine with their addictive blue cheese sauce. THE GYO made gyoza with no chives or garlic. Meat Broth Gyoza Factory Dandadan Sakaba served chicken-wing gyoza, which are chicken wings stuffed with juicy gyoza filling. Din's by Jin Din Rou is a spinoff of the famous restaurant Jin Din Rou in Taiwan. It specializes in fried xiaolongbao soup dumplings. Utsunomiya Gyoza-kan is from the holy land of gyoza.
We hope that you will take note of the number of people that attended the Gyoza Festival and decide to pick it up as a news item, after the event.