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Nikufes enters the company cafeteria business. Collaboration realized between Nikufes and BASE11, Yahoo! JAPAN's staff cafeteria!

Nikufes, run by AATJ, Inc. (henceforth, "AATJ"), and Yahoo Japan Corporation (henceforth, "Yahoo! JAPAN") held a 2-day event for employees from February 8th (Wed.) to the 9th (Thu.) at BASE11, Yahoo! JAPAN's staff cafeteria. At this event, three special menu items were offered in honor of Meat Day (February 9th).
As soon as the doors opened, employees made a beeline for the special Nikufes items. The lineup at the staff cafeteria made it clear that a special event was taking place.

The site of this collaboration was Yahoo! JAPAN's company cafeteria, BASE11. The cafeteria opened in October 2016, along with the company's relocation to new offices. Since then, the company has noted that the number of cafeteria users has been on the rise. Accompanying Yahoo! JAPAN's "UPDATE JAPAN" vision for nationwide innovation, the company sought to update its cafeteria as well. This collaboration with Nikufes was pursued with the aim of breaking down the notion of the company cafeteria.
In terms of further business development going forward, Nikufes will be leveraging the strength of its brand, which includes the type of know-how cultivated through this event, and moving into the company cafeteria business, in order to spread the knowledge of the appeal of this new style of Nikufes to even more people.

At this memorable first edition, three special meat dishes were offered at a Nikufes stand at the cafeteria.

(1) "Hokkaido Asahi Takasago Beef Steak" lunch
This special dish is the brainchild of a famed Sapporo deli, itself produced by the well-known French restaurant and Michelin Bib Gourmand holder, OGINO Red & Green Restaurant in Ikejiri-Ohashi, Tokyo. The Asahi Takasago beef is raised in pastures with sake lees used as fertilizer, amid the unforgiving environment of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, at the base of the mountainous Daisetsuzan region. The steak is topped with a special sauce made with Hokkaido mountain wasabi, which brings out the flavor of the lean meat, making for a light, healthy dish.

(2) "Specialty!! Drinkable Hamburger" lunch
This dish, produced by the much-loved Nikufes regular Shotaian, has caused a stir by defying the conventional wisdom about hamburgers. It's not just its sensational name, which comes from the abnormal amount of juice that pours out when you put your chopsticks in; the careful attention paid to the ingredients, including the use of only grade A4/A5 Japanese Black beef, is also uncommon. Every aspect of this evolved hamburger is unconventional.

(3) "Grilled Beef Shoulder With Extravagant A4/A5 Saga Beef" lunch
Regular Nikufes partner Tensui, a restaurant from Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture famous for its meat dishes, produces this incredible dish. Saga beef, highly esteemed for its top-class quality, is served with Tensui's beloved special sauce for grilling meat. In this masterpiece of a dish, the popular cut that is shoulder roast is extremely juicy.



Announcement of Capital Alliance

AATJ, Inc. (President: Yusei Hatakeyama, henceforth referred to as "this company") will become a complete subsidiary of Japan Meat Co., Ltd. (President: Masahiro Sakai) on February 1st, 2017 through a capital alliance agreement.
On the same date, President Yusei Hatakeyama will resign and assume a Board Member position, and Board Member Shu Endo will become President.

Through this capital tie-up agreement, this company, which organizes NIKUFES and other food-related events, will become a part of the Japan Meat Co., Ltd. group, which carries out food-related projects. This agreement was concluded with the consideration that it will contribute to the formation and development of new food cultures through the promotion of various cuisines throughout Japan and abroad.

New Executive Officers and Company Overview



'Girl's Bomb!!' will represent Japan in a live idol concert event in Taiwan for their very first overseas performance!

It has been decided that the very first overseas performance for 'Girl's Bomb!!' will be held over two days, between February 4th ~ 5th 2017, at a popular live idol concert event in Taiwan (Hana Stage). The event is mainly held in cities across the country.
The overseas debut for Girl's Bomb!! is finally upon us – just as Limelight Co. Ltd (who manages Girl's Bomb!!) and AATJ Ltd. (who manages 'Tokyo Crazy Kawaii', the event that sends Japanese culture abroad) promised last summer.
The place that was decided upon for their first performance to introduce Japanese idol culture abroad was Taiwan. The chosen nine popular idol groups are actively expanding their stage both domestically and overseas, and are acting as a kind of cultural exchange between Japan and Taiwan.

■ Performers
Up Up Girls (Provisional), Ciao Bella Cinquetti, FES☆TIVE, Wonder-weed, READY TO KISS, Magical Ban☆Bang, Tokyo CuteCute, Candy☆Drops, Gallop+, etc.

As well as this, a performance by the 'Weather Girls' (天氣女孩), representing Taiwan, will be held on February 4th! They have been talked about ever since their performance which involved dancing while telling the weather forecast during their debut single in Japan in October 2012, 'Koi no Tenki Yoho' (Love Weather Forecast). They are still actively involved in various activities. The 'Weather Girls' also performed in Japan with 'Girl's Bomb!!' – and now 'Girl's Bomb!!' are landing in their country as a special guest!

Weather Girls (天氣女孩)

'Girl's Bomb!!' will also take part in the 'Fifth Taiwanese International Comics & Animation Festival', being held in Taipei, Taiwan, between February 2nd ~ 6th, 2017. They will introduce participating idols by selling products, special member’s pictures and photographs, etc., at a booth during the festival. Using crowdfunding services, they will also cheer on idols via the 'Domestic!' platform. The group that wins will make an appearance on the stage of the 'Fifth Taiwanese International Comics & Animation Festival' on February 4th at 12:30pm ~ 2:00pm.

▶ Latest information available here:
Girl’s Bomb!! Official Facebook Page (In Chinese): https://www.facebook.com/girlsbomb/

What is Girl’s Bomb!!?
It is a live idol concert event which started under the concept of 'Making Japan Happy!', in the summer of 2011. The generic name for the associated event is 'Girl's Bomb!!'.
The very popular idol concert event is mainly held in cities across the country. Including all the secondary and sister events, there are a several branches of the event with over 200 events being held yearly.
They have also been energetically expanding in recent years, doing collaborations with different industry events, as well as participating in Nikufest, The Vietnamese Festival, Kisosansen Park Tulip Festival, etc.

Girl’s Bomb!! in TAIWAN
■ Date and Time: February 4th (Sat).
1. Doors open: 11:30am. Starts: 12:00pm midday.
2. Doors open: 4:30pm. Starts: 5:00pm.
February 5th (Sun).
Doors open: 11:30am. Starts: 12:00pm midday.
■ Venue: Hana Stage, Taipei City Youth Development Office.
Address: 17-10 Ren'ai Road, Section 1, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.

■ Fee:
1,000 Taiwanese Dollars for each performance.
2,500 Taiwanese Dollars for a 2-day, 3-time entry ticket.
■ Ticket Sales: KKTIX (From 9:00am on January 4th) http://feeaia.kktix.cc/events/girlsbomb2017-eb436
■ Admission Order: As reference number.
■ Sponsors: Girl’s Bomb!! Executive Committee (AATJ Ltd. / LIME LIGHT Co. Ltd).
■ Support from 'Domestic!'

Fifth Taiwanese International Comics & Animation Festival
■ Date: February 2nd ~ 6th, 2017
■ Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
■ Entrance Fee: 120 Taiwanese Dollars
■ Live Performance: Stage A (12:30pm ~ 2:00pm)
■ Website: http://www.ccpa.org.tw/tica/

Official Girl’s Bomb!! Website: http://girlsbomb.com
Girl’s Bomb!! Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/GirlsBomb



2017 is finally here! Japan's food event, 'Nikufest' (Meat Festival) will soon be upon us!

It's not just meat!
A great evolution in the meat festival!
For the five days between January 5th (Thurs) and 9th (Mon), Kyocera Dome in Osaka will be holding the 'Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~'. Let us announce what this festival will entail!

◆ Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~
Popular stores, brands of beef, as well as other meat such as pork or chicken cuisine... there's so much variety available at the 'Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~'!
'Super Premium' is just as the title suggests – a combination of three popular events, 'Nikufest', 'Aipaku Ice Cream' and 'Oktoberfest'! The 'Nikufest' has a gorgeous, lively stage which has collaborated with 'Machikon', a citywide matchmaking party. This event doesn't just have great food and drink, there's also so many other great things going on!
Please enjoy the coming years' festival! It's not just meat! It's a great evolution in the meat festival!

◆ Lots of first-time stores! A fantastic line-up of the most talked about meat stores of the country!
Meat cuisine restaurants and cafes that won awards at the 2016 Yahoo! Search Engine Awards have prepared a special menu for you that can only be eaten here at 'Nikufest'! A fantastic line-up not to be missed out on!

◆ The ice cream festival, 'Ice Cream World Fair' is now a reality!
The Ice Cream Mania Association has carefully selected a range of over 70 different types of ice cream for you. Enjoy the best selection of ice cream from the most popular stores across the country here at 'Nikufest'!

◆ The dream 'Oktoberfest' competition of the best German beer in Japan!
'Oktoberfest' is a German beer festival held in various locations throughout the country. We have on hand the most popular German beers in the country. They go amazingly well with the meat we have to offer, too!

◆ An e retraining stage show adds to the lively atmosphere at 'Nikufest'!
A variety of people, from entertainment artists, singers, music bands and idols, to local entertainers, appear on the gorgeous stage. お笑い芸人から

*Enjoy the day in style in our special VIP area!
Avoid the queues. A concierge will bring the goods of your choice to you.
3,000 yen per person (2 hour ticket).
Tickets only available for purchase on the day.


[Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~]

◆ Event Dates and Times: January 5th (Thurs) ~ 9th (Mon, National Holiday).
January 5th (Thurs) & 6th (Fri): 12:00pm (midday) ~ 10:00pm (Last order at 9:30pm).
January 7th (Sat) ~ 9th (Mon, National Holiday): 10:00am ~ 9:00pm (Last order at 8:30pm).
*Changes in opening times may occur.
◆ Location: Kyocera Dome, Osaka (3-2-1 Chiyozaki Nishi-ku Osaka, Japan).
◆ Price: Entrance Ticket – 500 yen. (Food and drinks are charged separately.)
Food vouchers and electronic money are accepted.
*1 food voucher costs 700 yen (incl. tax).
◆ Advance Ticket:
•1x Entrance Ticket and 2x Food Voucher – 1,700 yen (*200 yen off!)
•1x Entrance Ticket and 4x Food Vouchers – 3,000 yen (*300 yen off!)

Lawson Ticket: http://l-tike.com/event/nikufes
Pia P-Code: 990-738 0570-02-9999. Direct Website: http://w.pia.jp/t/nikufes-osaka/
CN Play Guide: 0570-08-9999 http://cncn.jp/nikufes/
Rakuten Ticket: http://r-t.jp/nikufes
Yahoo Ticket: http://r.y-tickets.jp/nikufes1701
e+: http://eplus.jp/nikufes/

◆ Purchase Ticket on the Day:
•Entrance Ticket: 500 yen each
•Food Voucher: 700 yen each
•Fast Ticket: 500 yen each
•VIP Ticket: 3,000 yen per person for 2 hours.

◆ Official Nikufest Website: http://nikufes.jp
Official Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/nikufes
Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/nikufes

◆ Sponsors: AATJ Ltd, Mubenz Japan Ltd.
◆ Special Cooperation by: Osaka City Dome Ltd.
◆ Support: Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
◆ Contact:
Inquiries regarding tickets: 0570-200-888 (Kyodo Information).
Inquiries regarding the event: 03-6418-5786 (Event Secretary)





Niku Fest Returns to Osaka's Kyocera Dome! Super Premium Niku Fest: New Year Niku-tober Festival New Year Grand Collaboration!

Niku Fest Returns to Osaka's Kyocera Dome!
Super Premium Niku Fest: New Year Niku-tober Festival
New Year Grand Collaboration!
Niku Fest meets Oktoberfest, with Aipaku World Ice Cream Fair!

Niku Fest, the largest food event in Japan, which draws over 4,200,000 visitors, is set to be held at Osaka's Kyocera Dome in 2017. The theme is "Super Premium Niku Fest", and a large-scale collaboration fit to ring in the New Year will be taking place.
For this year's festival, the largest food event in Japan, Niku Fest, has been combined with the largest German beer festival in Japan, Oktoberfest, for an all new event dubbed "Niku-tober Festival."

Niku Fest features exhibitions from popular restaurants and brand beef providers from around the country, and there is plenty of variety, with pork and chicken dishes available in addition to beef. For this special 2017 New Year festival, over half of the participants will be exhibiting at Niku Fest for the first time! Be sure to keep a look out for new additions to the menu. Enjoy tasting the various dishes included in this year's Niku Fest lineup; the perfect outing for groups, couples, and families. (*Participating businesses to be announced later.)
Oktoberfest is a German beer festival, held in several locations throughout Japan. Popular German beer brands are available in these various locations. In addition to weizenbier and lager, there is a huge range beers to try, including fruit beers, a popular favorite with women. Just as at the usual Oktoberfest, glasses will be provided (deposit required).

Desserts add an extra punch to this year's festival. The Japan Icecream Mania Association, a foundation that aims to share the magnificence of ice cream with the whole country, will be hosting the Aipaku World Ice Cream Fair! With 70 delicious ice cream varieties from throughout Japan, after you've finished tasting all kinds of delicious meat, you can try a range of exquisite desserts. This collaboration is a match made in heaven!

In 2017, how about enjoying a meat, beer, and ice cream in Osaka's Kyocera Dome, where you can stay warm and dry no matter what the weather? There will also be wonderful musical performances from select artists.

Super Premium Niku Fest: New Year Niku-tober Festival

Date and Time: 1st January (Thursday) to 9th January (Monday holiday), and 5th January (Thursday), 6th January (Friday), 2017 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Last orders 9:30 p.m.)
7th January (Saturday) to 9th January (Monday holiday), 2017
10:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Last orders 8:30 p.m.)
*Business hours are subject to change.
Venue: Osaka Kyocera Dome (Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Chiyozaki, 3 Chome 2-1)
Price: Admission ¥500 (Food and drink not included)
Meal tickets and electronic money available *Meal tickets ¥700 per ticket (Tax inclusive)
Advance bookings:
Admission ¥500 (1) + Meal ticket ¥700 (2) = ¥1,700(¥200 off)
Admission ¥500 (1) + Meal ticket ¥700 (4) = ¥3,000(¥300 off)
Available at Lawson (From X November): http://l-tike.com/event/nikufes
*Tickets are to be sold on a first come first serve basis from ticket agencies. See our the event website for details.

Hosting organizations: AATJ, Inc., Muvents Japan
special cooperation by Kyocera Dome Osaka



Gyoza Festival: 80,000 customers over five days!!


The Gyoza Festival Organizing Committee (Nakano-ku Tourism Association and AATJ) held the Gyoza Festival (http://gyo-zafes.jp) in Shikinomori Park in the Nakano district of Tokyo, over five days from Wednesday October 12th to Sunday October 16th, 2016. The five-day event attracted a total of 80,000 customers.
The first three days of the festival were weekdays. There were characteristic customer trends on those days, with students from the nearby universities and families attending in the daytime, and office workers stopping for refreshment on their way home from work in the evening. The final two days of the festival were on a weekend, when customer numbers reached peak levels. More than 25,000 people attended over the course of those two days. We were lucky enough to have good weather on all of the festival days. Visitors packed out the venue, seeking a green space in which to relax and drooling over the huge variety of gyoza!!
Every stall, from gyoza veterans to new kids on the block, was inundated with endless lines of people, all day long. Shinjuku BLG Gyoza served bite-sized, crispy, deep-fried gyoza that pair perfectly with beer. Teppan Gyoza Sakaba Chibisuke Bar created a fusion of gyoza and Italian cuisine with their addictive blue cheese sauce. THE GYO made gyoza with no chives or garlic. Meat Broth Gyoza Factory Dandadan Sakaba served chicken-wing gyoza, which are chicken wings stuffed with juicy gyoza filling. Din's by Jin Din Rou is a spinoff of the famous restaurant Jin Din Rou in Taiwan. It specializes in fried xiaolongbao soup dumplings. Utsunomiya Gyoza-kan is from the holy land of gyoza.
We hope that you will take note of the number of people that attended the Gyoza Festival and decide to pick it up as a news item, after the event.
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