Nikufes enters the company cafeteria business. Collaboration realized between Nikufes and BASE11, Yahoo! JAPAN's staff cafeteria!

Nikufes, run by AATJ, Inc. (henceforth, "AATJ"), and Yahoo Japan Corporation (henceforth, "Yahoo! JAPAN") held a 2-day event for employees from February 8th (Wed.) to the 9th (Thu.) at BASE11, Yahoo! JAPAN's staff cafeteria. At this event, three special menu items were offered in honor of Meat Day (February 9th).
As soon as the doors opened, employees made a beeline for the special Nikufes items. The lineup at the staff cafeteria made it clear that a special event was taking place.

The site of this collaboration was Yahoo! JAPAN's company cafeteria, BASE11. The cafeteria opened in October 2016, along with the company's relocation to new offices. Since then, the company has noted that the number of cafeteria users has been on the rise. Accompanying Yahoo! JAPAN's "UPDATE JAPAN" vision for nationwide innovation, the company sought to update its cafeteria as well. This collaboration with Nikufes was pursued with the aim of breaking down the notion of the company cafeteria.
In terms of further business development going forward, Nikufes will be leveraging the strength of its brand, which includes the type of know-how cultivated through this event, and moving into the company cafeteria business, in order to spread the knowledge of the appeal of this new style of Nikufes to even more people.

At this memorable first edition, three special meat dishes were offered at a Nikufes stand at the cafeteria.

(1) "Hokkaido Asahi Takasago Beef Steak" lunch
This special dish is the brainchild of a famed Sapporo deli, itself produced by the well-known French restaurant and Michelin Bib Gourmand holder, OGINO Red & Green Restaurant in Ikejiri-Ohashi, Tokyo. The Asahi Takasago beef is raised in pastures with sake lees used as fertilizer, amid the unforgiving environment of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, at the base of the mountainous Daisetsuzan region. The steak is topped with a special sauce made with Hokkaido mountain wasabi, which brings out the flavor of the lean meat, making for a light, healthy dish.

(2) "Specialty!! Drinkable Hamburger" lunch
This dish, produced by the much-loved Nikufes regular Shotaian, has caused a stir by defying the conventional wisdom about hamburgers. It's not just its sensational name, which comes from the abnormal amount of juice that pours out when you put your chopsticks in; the careful attention paid to the ingredients, including the use of only grade A4/A5 Japanese Black beef, is also uncommon. Every aspect of this evolved hamburger is unconventional.

(3) "Grilled Beef Shoulder With Extravagant A4/A5 Saga Beef" lunch
Regular Nikufes partner Tensui, a restaurant from Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture famous for its meat dishes, produces this incredible dish. Saga beef, highly esteemed for its top-class quality, is served with Tensui's beloved special sauce for grilling meat. In this masterpiece of a dish, the popular cut that is shoulder roast is extremely juicy.