2017 is finally here! Japan's food event, 'Nikufest' (Meat Festival) will soon be upon us!

It's not just meat!
A great evolution in the meat festival!
For the five days between January 5th (Thurs) and 9th (Mon), Kyocera Dome in Osaka will be holding the 'Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~'. Let us announce what this festival will entail!

◆ Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~
Popular stores, brands of beef, as well as other meat such as pork or chicken cuisine... there's so much variety available at the 'Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~'!
'Super Premium' is just as the title suggests – a combination of three popular events, 'Nikufest', 'Aipaku Ice Cream' and 'Oktoberfest'! The 'Nikufest' has a gorgeous, lively stage which has collaborated with 'Machikon', a citywide matchmaking party. This event doesn't just have great food and drink, there's also so many other great things going on!
Please enjoy the coming years' festival! It's not just meat! It's a great evolution in the meat festival!

◆ Lots of first-time stores! A fantastic line-up of the most talked about meat stores of the country!
Meat cuisine restaurants and cafes that won awards at the 2016 Yahoo! Search Engine Awards have prepared a special menu for you that can only be eaten here at 'Nikufest'! A fantastic line-up not to be missed out on!

◆ The ice cream festival, 'Ice Cream World Fair' is now a reality!
The Ice Cream Mania Association has carefully selected a range of over 70 different types of ice cream for you. Enjoy the best selection of ice cream from the most popular stores across the country here at 'Nikufest'!

◆ The dream 'Oktoberfest' competition of the best German beer in Japan!
'Oktoberfest' is a German beer festival held in various locations throughout the country. We have on hand the most popular German beers in the country. They go amazingly well with the meat we have to offer, too!

◆ An e retraining stage show adds to the lively atmosphere at 'Nikufest'!
A variety of people, from entertainment artists, singers, music bands and idols, to local entertainers, appear on the gorgeous stage. お笑い芸人から

*Enjoy the day in style in our special VIP area!
Avoid the queues. A concierge will bring the goods of your choice to you.
3,000 yen per person (2 hour ticket).
Tickets only available for purchase on the day.


[Super Premium Nikufest ~New Year Nikutoberfest~]

◆ Event Dates and Times: January 5th (Thurs) ~ 9th (Mon, National Holiday).
January 5th (Thurs) & 6th (Fri): 12:00pm (midday) ~ 10:00pm (Last order at 9:30pm).
January 7th (Sat) ~ 9th (Mon, National Holiday): 10:00am ~ 9:00pm (Last order at 8:30pm).
*Changes in opening times may occur.
◆ Location: Kyocera Dome, Osaka (3-2-1 Chiyozaki Nishi-ku Osaka, Japan).
◆ Price: Entrance Ticket – 500 yen. (Food and drinks are charged separately.)
Food vouchers and electronic money are accepted.
*1 food voucher costs 700 yen (incl. tax).
◆ Advance Ticket:
•1x Entrance Ticket and 2x Food Voucher – 1,700 yen (*200 yen off!)
•1x Entrance Ticket and 4x Food Vouchers – 3,000 yen (*300 yen off!)

Lawson Ticket: http://l-tike.com/event/nikufes
Pia P-Code: 990-738 0570-02-9999. Direct Website: http://w.pia.jp/t/nikufes-osaka/
CN Play Guide: 0570-08-9999 http://cncn.jp/nikufes/
Rakuten Ticket: http://r-t.jp/nikufes
Yahoo Ticket: http://r.y-tickets.jp/nikufes1701
e+: http://eplus.jp/nikufes/

◆ Purchase Ticket on the Day:
•Entrance Ticket: 500 yen each
•Food Voucher: 700 yen each
•Fast Ticket: 500 yen each
•VIP Ticket: 3,000 yen per person for 2 hours.

◆ Official Nikufest Website: http://nikufes.jp
Official Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/nikufes
Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/nikufes

◆ Sponsors: AATJ Ltd, Mubenz Japan Ltd.
◆ Special Cooperation by: Osaka City Dome Ltd.
◆ Support: Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
◆ Contact:
Inquiries regarding tickets: 0570-200-888 (Kyodo Information).
Inquiries regarding the event: 03-6418-5786 (Event Secretary)