• Gyo-za Fes

    Gyo-za Fes

    Loved by "gyoza girls", now, we introduce you to an entirely new way to enjoy gyoza: as a shared food. Amusing, fun, delicious—you won't be able to keep them to yourself. The Gyoza Festival provides the perfect setting for sharing gyoza.



    an event platform featuring a combination of meat dishes from famous restaurants all over Japan, local craft beers and wines that go well with meats, and popular desserts, other local specialties, plus stage performances and entertainment elements. This groundbreaking event created a furor of food events, and we are currently expanding it throughout Japan and even out into the world as a whole.

  • NIKU Rock Fes

    NIKU Rock Fes

    This entertainment brand is a specialized version of NIKU Fes for music applications. This event is a world apart from other music festivals, and combines the dual headliners of music (rock) and food (meat dishes). It’s a legendary festival that seems like it should have been around all along.

  • Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

    Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

    This brand is a platform for transmitting all kinds of Japanese culture such as music, fashion, food, and traditional crafts to the world. The platform is not limited to just events, but also aims to provide total support for global promotion through SNS, BtoB business matching, and more.

  • SAKANA Fes

    SAKANA Fes

    Based on the theme of Japan’s thriving seafood industry, this food entertainment event specializes in fish cuisine. By gathering major seafood products from all areas of Japan, this event strives to promote fish, a food that is declining in popularity due to the diversification of consumer diets.