'Girl's Bomb!!' will represent Japan in a live idol concert event in Taiwan for their very first overseas performance!

It has been decided that the very first overseas performance for 'Girl's Bomb!!' will be held over two days, between February 4th ~ 5th 2017, at a popular live idol concert event in Taiwan (Hana Stage). The event is mainly held in cities across the country.
The overseas debut for Girl's Bomb!! is finally upon us – just as Limelight Co. Ltd (who manages Girl's Bomb!!) and AATJ Ltd. (who manages 'Tokyo Crazy Kawaii', the event that sends Japanese culture abroad) promised last summer.
The place that was decided upon for their first performance to introduce Japanese idol culture abroad was Taiwan. The chosen nine popular idol groups are actively expanding their stage both domestically and overseas, and are acting as a kind of cultural exchange between Japan and Taiwan.

■ Performers
Up Up Girls (Provisional), Ciao Bella Cinquetti, FES☆TIVE, Wonder-weed, READY TO KISS, Magical Ban☆Bang, Tokyo CuteCute, Candy☆Drops, Gallop+, etc.

As well as this, a performance by the 'Weather Girls' (天氣女孩), representing Taiwan, will be held on February 4th! They have been talked about ever since their performance which involved dancing while telling the weather forecast during their debut single in Japan in October 2012, 'Koi no Tenki Yoho' (Love Weather Forecast). They are still actively involved in various activities. The 'Weather Girls' also performed in Japan with 'Girl's Bomb!!' – and now 'Girl's Bomb!!' are landing in their country as a special guest!

Weather Girls (天氣女孩)

'Girl's Bomb!!' will also take part in the 'Fifth Taiwanese International Comics & Animation Festival', being held in Taipei, Taiwan, between February 2nd ~ 6th, 2017. They will introduce participating idols by selling products, special member’s pictures and photographs, etc., at a booth during the festival. Using crowdfunding services, they will also cheer on idols via the 'Domestic!' platform. The group that wins will make an appearance on the stage of the 'Fifth Taiwanese International Comics & Animation Festival' on February 4th at 12:30pm ~ 2:00pm.

▶ Latest information available here:
Girl’s Bomb!! Official Facebook Page (In Chinese): https://www.facebook.com/girlsbomb/

What is Girl’s Bomb!!?
It is a live idol concert event which started under the concept of 'Making Japan Happy!', in the summer of 2011. The generic name for the associated event is 'Girl's Bomb!!'.
The very popular idol concert event is mainly held in cities across the country. Including all the secondary and sister events, there are a several branches of the event with over 200 events being held yearly.
They have also been energetically expanding in recent years, doing collaborations with different industry events, as well as participating in Nikufest, The Vietnamese Festival, Kisosansen Park Tulip Festival, etc.

Girl’s Bomb!! in TAIWAN
■ Date and Time: February 4th (Sat).
1. Doors open: 11:30am. Starts: 12:00pm midday.
2. Doors open: 4:30pm. Starts: 5:00pm.
February 5th (Sun).
Doors open: 11:30am. Starts: 12:00pm midday.
■ Venue: Hana Stage, Taipei City Youth Development Office.
Address: 17-10 Ren'ai Road, Section 1, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.

■ Fee:
1,000 Taiwanese Dollars for each performance.
2,500 Taiwanese Dollars for a 2-day, 3-time entry ticket.
■ Ticket Sales: KKTIX (From 9:00am on January 4th) http://feeaia.kktix.cc/events/girlsbomb2017-eb436
■ Admission Order: As reference number.
■ Sponsors: Girl’s Bomb!! Executive Committee (AATJ Ltd. / LIME LIGHT Co. Ltd).
■ Support from 'Domestic!'

Fifth Taiwanese International Comics & Animation Festival
■ Date: February 2nd ~ 6th, 2017
■ Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
■ Entrance Fee: 120 Taiwanese Dollars
■ Live Performance: Stage A (12:30pm ~ 2:00pm)
■ Website: http://www.ccpa.org.tw/tica/

Official Girl’s Bomb!! Website: http://girlsbomb.com
Girl’s Bomb!! Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/GirlsBomb